Friday, May 8, 2009

What's Nazrin told to Nizar, Ngeh?

( maybe it's warning, I think...! )

After a chaotic morning and an equally confusing and tiring afternoon in the state assembly, Perak Regent Raja Dr Nazrin Shah was finally able to deliver his opening address -- five hours after its scheduled time.

The Raja Muda told the duo:

"I don't want to get involved in this. I just want to give my speech, so respect my speech, when I am giving it. You understand that?
If you want to work with me in future, you have to respect my speech. Understand?"
So go and tell that (to the Pakatan Rakyat state assemblymen who had stood together in front of the royal dais to take their seats)."
Nizar then told the PR state assemblymen to sit so that Raja Nazrin could deliver his opening address for the first meeting of the second session of the 12th state assembly.
In his speech, YM Raja Dr. Nazrin, want the goverment focus on the country economic development and thanks to the Federal Govement for the RM10.05 billion development allocation under the Ninth Malaysia Plan and RM297 million provided for Perak under the second economic stimulus package.



    dapatkan disini >

  2. Have you got any recording of what YM Raja Dr. Nazrin spoken to Nizar, Ngeh so that we RAKYAT would like to hear the voice of YM Raja Dr. Nazrin has said. Otherwise don't talk cock and we RAKYAT will never believe you, as you are lying also!!

  3. Sudah tentu saya tidak mempunyai rakaman kepada apa yang diperkatakan oleh YM Raja Muda, so that better u ask NSTP, because I got'it from there.

    Kebanyakan isu yang dibangkitkan oleh pembangkang juga tidak mempunyai audio rekod, tapi bila pemimpin-pemimpin mereka melalak merata-rata, ramai rakyat yang percaya. so??

    Ini semua mainan politik lahhh...

  4. The Raja Muda said: I don't want to get involved in this.

    Its a bit strange for me for if I remember correctly, it was the istana that appointed Zambry as the new MB when Nizar was still the MB.

    And now the istana doesn't want to get involve.

    Looks like a 'lepas tangan' act on the Regent's part