Saturday, March 6, 2010

Melayu, beware of the Lim Dynasty!

It happened down south across the causeway and it can happen here if we allow it!

If the Malays under the influence of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) still cannot see where their evil leader is planning to take them and the country to, I will say they deserve to get what we will get especially for the future of the Malays in this country.
BABI has helped to establish that initial step to secure a Chinese chauvinist dynasty in Penang , by supporting Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng. (As how PAP tricked, connived, and basically duped many Malay leaders in Singapore to vote for the PAP, ergo a Chinese dynasty there).
Both of these chauvinist DAP leaders from Penang employed the same tactic to dupe, connive, and trick the not-so-bright leader of this de facto opposition leader, to ask for the Malay support for the opposition during the last general elections. Today many opposition leaders have quit to go back to the right path, the right thing for them to do.
Now many Malay political leaders from all parities are suddenly being hit by the reality of DAP's dirty chauvinist and dangerous political game that they are retreating and realising that they (the Malay leaders) have been made use of by the DAP/PAP old tricks. The question is when do we, the Malays, learn?!
I know I will get a lot of equally chauvinist comments especially from people from a very special nondescript building somewhere in Singapore whose job is mainly to act as agent provocateur via the cyberspace.
They will sign their comments by a simple and benign signature such as "Pak Ali" or "Disgruntled Malay" but in real effect they are very, very scary non-Malay people who are acting on behalf of their masters who are focus on disrupting the multi-racial concept of Malaysia, and hopefully one day Malaysia will not just be a hinterland for this little red-dot down south but part and parcel of it. But only if the Malays up here are still open to being duped and tricked and connived!

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